Who Are We?

“Poromo Records is an international record label, a division of VINCO-BME. The label focuses on many genres, such as Pop, Rock, Funk, R&B, Singer/Songwriter. Poromo Records is a family that treat each other with Respect and Good Vibrations.”

More about us:

We’ve collaborated with many amazing artists, here are a few of them:
– Baggio
– Bonnie Tyler
– Mitch Malloy (Taylor Swift, Van Halen)
– Nora Dalal (Rihanna, Jennifer Lopez, Jay-Z)
– Paul Turner (Rami Malek, 20th Cenutry fox’ Bohemian Rhapsody)
– Vengaboys
– Freddie Bourne
– Paul Zane

Do you want to join our family? Are you a musician, producer, singer, manager or whatever you’re doing, and you’re good at it? Let us know! : )
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